VARZANEH is a small city with a lot of spectacular gravities that is located in 105Km of east of Isfahan. Since the woman of VARZANEH wear white “chador” (it is special Islamic wearing), instead of black type of it which is common in every Islamic countries and other cities of Iran, people call VARZANEH “the city of white angles” or “white pigeons”. About reasons of use white chador, there are various opinion: some people believe that wearing white chador is to confront against extreme heat of summer in this desert area. Also, some people opine that because VARZANEH was cotton cultivation area since past, so produce of white chador from it yarn is easy and the final opinion is that VARZANEH was the land of Zoroastrian religious men, and they wore clothes that was produced from cotton and also have a holly cotton necklace.

About origin of name “VARZANEH” there are a lot of believes that two of them is near to reality: the first is that local people believe that the meaning of “VARZANEH” is grain cultivation or farming which is true based on situation of the city and the second is that Zoroaster divided his folks in 3 groups which one of them was “VARZANDEGAN” or farmers.

VARZANEH is one of the oldest cities of Isfahan which people call it “jewel of east of Isfahan” because it is very rich in genesis historical and antiquities. The old bridge of VARZANEH which build on the “ZAYANDERUD” river, central mosque, castle of “SHAH ABBASI”, caravanserai, old windproof, historical cisterns, pigeon house, castles and mills are the example of historical buildings of city.

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