VARZANEH Salt Lake is one of the most beautiful and attractive natural places in the VARZANEH which is located 50Km away from VARZANEH. We have to pass “HASAN ABAD” village to arrive to the Salt Lake and also there are some places like “DASJERD Tower”, “Pigeon tower” and “Fire Temple” and also hot water spring of DASJERD in our way to the Salt Lake, so you can visit them. After passing “KHARA” village and before lake, you can see beautiful sand hills in both sides of road which is a suitable place for camping in a calm and relaxed environment and it is far from noises of crowded cities too, also it is a right place for watching sunset at the top of the sand hills.

Hence, Salt Lake is rented from government by locals, at first you see trucks with salt stones load and local workers who are working in the Salt Lake.

 The lake is divided in 2 parts:

One part is close to the “Black Mountain” and it is a sink area of ZAYANDEHRUD river and is called GAVKHUNI wetland. Another part is Salt Lake.

For seeing more charms of the lake we have to go to some parts which is created by local workers and mechanical tools.

The hot climate and the water that raise from underground, which have a large amount of salt in it, causes this ponds. These ponds give the ability of harvesting salt.

Pay attention that don’t lose walking into salty ponds because they have some medical effects on human body.

After salty ponds, there is an area that we call it “white land” and is a very beautiful place for taking pictures under the azure sky with a white background.

The salt is extracted from this Salt Lake, then transferred to the washing and cleaning factories and finally they use it for home uses or industries.

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