The dialect of people of VARZANEH and villages around

In the big zone of centers of Iran people live who have same dialect. This area starts from north of state Pars(Fars) and includes southeast of Isfahan and VARZANEH.

People of this area almost have a same culture and speak to a special dialect that is a subcategory of “Pahlavi” language and “south Parsic”.

In the Sasani age the language of people was “Parsic” or “Sasani Pahlavi” and this was an accent from language “Pahlavi Ashkani” which was widespread in south of Iran. Then, because before Islam this area was near to the Fars, so they speak in “Pahlavi Ashkani” accent and now we can say the dialect of people of VARZANEH and around is remainder of language “Parsic” or “Pahlavi Sasani”.

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