Pigeon tower of VARZANEH

Because of importance of farming in VARZANEH and needing people to provide their food for themselves, it was necessary to use ways that make farming lands fertile and rich. One of these ways was using remainder of animals in agricultural lands. People usually used remainder of cow or sheep or even pigeons.

Farmers in the VARZANEH and villages around started to do something smart and clever, they built some tall towers with 60 m to 70 m height which could hold thousands of pigeons in it for living and Also farmers could use their remainder as manure in their lands. There are thousands of holes in these towers that each one was a house for a pair of pigeons. Farmers entered to towers and started to collect remainder of pigeons several times in a year. Farmers also used some interesting methods for stopping to enter other animals like snake or eagle, which are the main enemies of pigeon, to the tower; for example: they add a special chalk layer around the wall of tower and it caused snake couldn’t climb from the wall, so he couldn’t reach to the pigeons. Sometimes, pigeons were used for making soup by locals. The use of manure was reduced when fertilizer discovered and most of the pigeons were hunted by their owner. Other pigeons, which lived in the tower, were fed by the surrounding lands.

One of the usage of tower was that people used them as guard tower because these towers had high height and usually were the tallest building in the city or village and it was a good place for watching.

In the way of ISFAHAN to VARZANEH specially in the EZHIE, which is a city 25Km away from VARZANEH, there are a lot of pigeon towers which is suggested to the enthusiasts.

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