Old bridge of VARZANEH

In SAFAVIEH age when SHAH ABBAS was the king and Isfahan was chosen as capital city of Iran, the king collected all the artists in architecture, so Isfahan became one of the best cities in artistic view of SAFAVI’s age and mosques and squares and also a lot of bridges built which VARZANEH’s bridge is one of the last of them.

VARZANEH bridge has been built in 2 steps, in first step they built 7 lines that these lines are older and the height of them is taller and also related to “DEYLAMIAN” and “SALJUGHIAN” age. Another step which has 3 lines has been built in north part of bridge. This part has weaker architectural term than old part and related to the “GHAJARIAN” age.

Historical old bridge with 500 m2 area and 10 lines that the length of 7 lines of it is 67m and the width of bridge is 5/6 m. The height of each line is 4 m.

This bridge has 6 bridge gloves which 4 of them related to the first step of building and have strong aspect and also are taller, another north bridge gloves related to the second step of building that just have artistic aspect.

They use stones for foundation of bridge with a combination of bricks and a kind of stucco with chalk and soil in the body of bridge.

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