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RABBIT Carvansarei - Rabbit guest house in varzaneh
Hiking on the Black Mountain in varzaneh tour
Hiking on the Black Mountain in varzaneh tour
varzaneh Black Mountain tour
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varzaneh camel mill tour
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singing Ox-well in varzaneh tour
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RABBIT Carvansarei - Rabbit guest house in varzaneh

On this tour you will :

  • Watch beautiful sunrise with a delicious breakfast at an abandoned caravanserai (you have the option to start the tour after breakfast).
  • Hike a volcano and enjoy a magnificent view of the Gavkhooni Wetlands from top. It is very scenic to see how river is joining wetland from the volcano.
  • Visit waterfall and You may find the contrast of dunes behind river extraordinary!
  • Visit a camel-mill and singing Ox-well.

Practical information :

Duration : approx. 5 hours

  • Option 1: you Leave the guesthouse around 5.30 am and return around approximately 10.30 am. In this option, you will have the opportunity to see the sunrise
  • Option 2: you Leave the guesthouse around 7 Am, return around midday.

In winter and autumn (mid-November end of February) the tour is from 8.30-12.30 as it is cold!
If you want to have the best experience of the desert, option 1 is recommended.
But, we are happy to organize what you want.


Warm clothing, personal items such as sunscreen, camera, water, walking shoes (preferably no flip-flops)

The price of this tour is:

  • 20 € for 1 person (in a private taxi)
  • 30 € for 2 person (in a private taxi)
  • 36 € for 3 person (in a private taxi)
  • 10 Euro per person, for 4 people or more

RABBIT Carvansarei:

  • Rabbit Carvansarei is one the most important carvansarei built in safavi era.This building is located in southeastern part of Ardakan city (a city in Yazd) and about 60 kilometers far from Aqda city.This architecture masterpiece is about 65 kilometer far from historic city of varzaneh. This carvansarei is one of the 999 carvansarei built by the shah Abbas safavi command(shah Abbas safavi was one of the  most honorable kings in safavid era.In his monarchy Iran developed rapidly and became one of the strongest countries in army ,economical and architecture fields.Features of the building .This duplex  guest house contains rooms,stable and alcoves.There is a prayer room and altra inside the guest house showing that most of the people have been muslims. There are four gates located in four corners of guest house which is used for entering stable.There is a water source (like a water place)inside the building.
  • This architecture masterpiece is entirely made of stone .Each wall is about two meters long.The most important reason that this building stayed firm for about 400 years is using granite stone as a firm material.The walls length is about 2 meters.
  • Maybe the most interesting design of this building is an inscription installed on the entrance gate.Ali reza abbasi(He has been the famous calligrapher in safavid era.He has designed most of the buildings built in safavid era .Shah abbas named him Shahnavaz(This word means master in calligraphy)).These inscriptions is installed in 3 corners of the guest house.

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