GHALE KHARGUSHI caravanserai

Camels are one of the best animals in hot climate and also have great ability to carrying things.

People usually used camels for carry loads and went about 60 Km distance in a day. This caused people built some places in their traveling way which were called “Caravanserai”.

There are 2 caravanserais in VARZANEH which be 400 years old date and one of them is inside of VARZANEH and another one is in 60 Km of VARZANEH in the way to YAZD.

The dimensions of this caravanserai is 80 m in 80 m and its gate has 2 stages(floors) which the second stage is for Kings. There are 18 stone-benches inside of caravanserai that one of them is in the south part and has sanctuary.

In the 4 corners of this caravanserai, there is 4 gate way to enter to durability and also there is a cistern in the center of caravanserai. The caravanserai also has small rooms for travelers. This place is suggested to ancient art enthusiasts.

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