If you interested in farming and want to see one of the oldest watering system in this area, we suggest GAVCHAH to you.

It is a traditional way for watering agricultural lands in VARZANEH that is rebuilt and revived by HAJ EBRAHIM who is one of the farmers of VARZANEH. They use a strong cow from SISTAN for drain water from well. Sistanian cows are wild and have to be trained at first so farmers who prepared and have the special skill start to train cows and this process may take about 6 months.

Also, at the beginning of training, farmers sing local songs to get cows used to that voice and start to work with hearing that voice. When the owner of cows starts to singing those local songs, the cow moves in a ramp to down and raises a bucket of water which has about 200liters capacity and it is connected to the neck of the cow by a rope from well. Each cow works 8 hours in a day and watering about 1500 meters of farming lands. GAV CHAH is located out of city and ha one kilometer distance from HAFEZ guest house.

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