walking in the salt lake pools
Happy and fun times in the varzaneh desert
salt lake in varzaneh isfahan
Stunning and stunning pictures in the desert of Varzaneh
Varzaneh Salt Lake tour
Eat watermelon on Varzaneh Salt Lake tour
Eat watermelon on Varzaneh Salt Lake tour
sandboarding in varzaneh desert tour
varzaneh desert tour varzaneh desert camping
varzaneh desert camping
varzaneh desert tour
sandboarding In varzaneh desert
varzaneh desert tour - khara desert isfahan
Getting Salafi in the varzaneh Desert
walking in the salt lake pools

On This Tour You Will:

  • Drive, walk on, and wade in the varzaneh salt lake
  • Visit small castle and Pigeon tower
  • Learn about the lives of inhabitants in an ancient citadel
  • Watch sunset on top of the sand hills
  • Walking on the sand hills and do sandboarding
  • Star-gaze and watch Milky Way in the desert.
  • Include tea water and fruits (watermelon)

Duration :

approx. 5 hours

Leave the guesthouse at 3pm, return at approximately 8 pm (Departure/Return time Subject to change based on sunset time).


personal items such as camera, sunscreen and water.Warm clothing for after sunset in winter and autumn.


  • sunset in middle of desert
  • sandboarding in dunes
  • Enjoy the beautiful night sky
  • walking in the varzaneh salt lake pools

The price of this tour is:

  • 20  for 1 person (in a private taxi)
  • 30 € for 2 person (in a private taxi)
  • 33 € for 3 person (in a private taxi) more people in a tour clearly cheaper per person.
  • 10 Euro per person, for 4 people or more.

Varzaneh salt lake tour:

  • This tour starts at noon (13:30 or 14 by the time of Iran). We take you to the saltlake with car which is 65 km away from the city but before that we will stop in a tower which the name is ghale dastjerd (tasjerd tower, small castle where the local people who lived there). It includes a tower that is Pigeon house now but in the past 10 or 12 families lived there and it is 400 to 500 years old tower. After that we will go to the salt-lake which has 2 part: one part that is carved by local workers and is the form of pond which salt is extracted from these ponds. But the other part is a smooth and flat surface which is called “white land” and have a Beautiful and stunning view for taking pictures. Then,1 or 2 hours before sunset we will take you to the desert to walking,sandboarding, taking pictures and watching the sunset. Finally, we will bring you back to hafez varzaneh guest house 1 hour after sunset. All of this tour is traveled by car which each car has a capacity of 1 to 4 people.
  • If you are on a tight budget, you can always come to guest house and share the taxi with other guest to split the price of tour. In low season, you may ask for little discounts!
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