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ghoortan varzaneh Citadel Tour
The historic castle of Gourtan in varzaneh tour
Ghoortan Citadel Tour in varzaneh
Ghoortan Citadel Tour in varzaneh
Enjoy having a nice view from rooftop of citadel with 14 watchtowers.
ox_well in varzaneh isfahan tour
The historic castle of Gourtan in varzaneh tour
Learn about the lives of inhabitants in an ancient citadel. The 1000 year old mud-brick citadel is situated 12 km from Varzaneh.
Visit a camel-mill in vazaneh tour
Visit a camel-mill in vazaneh tour
singing Ox-well in varzaneh isfahan iran
ghoortan varzaneh Citadel Tour

On this tour you will:

  • Learn about the lives of inhabitants in an ancient citadel. The 1000 year old mud-brick citadel is situated 12 km from Varzaneh.
  • Enjoy having a nice view from rooftop of citadel with 14 watchtowers.
  • Explore abandoned houses to get a sense of the traditional way of life.
  • visit Pigeon tower, camel mill and ox_well.


  • Visiting one of the biggest and oldest citadel in Iran.
  • Learning about an old way to make wheat flour.
  • Visit a traditional way to get water from the well by trained cow.

Practical information :

Duration: Between two or three hours.


Personal items such as sunscreen, camera, and water. Walking shoes (preferably no flip-flops).


  • 14€ per car (including guide)
  • (up to 3 people per car). Price is per car, not per person.
  •  entrance fees are not included.

Castle of Ghourtan:

  • Castle of Ghoortan is the second largest castle in Iran which is located in 12 km away from varzaneh in a village which is called “ghoortan”. It is more than 1000 years old and before it has 300 people who lived in it but now just 2 or 3 families live there. It has 14 guard towers and the height of the walls is about 3 meters and also its thickness is about 1.5 to 2 meters. The tour usually starts after having breakfast (8:30 to 10:00 A.M) and it takes 2 or 3 hours . It depends on you how much you want to stay there. After that we also will take you to the “gavchah” (Old irrigation method Ox well complex) and “asiab shotor” (A traditional camel mill)and you will visit Pigeon tower in the back way

about Citadel:


  • The meaning of the word
  • As it mentioned in history books Bahram V (also known as Bahram Goor(goor in Persian means zebra)) was the fifteenth king of the Sasanian Empire and he has been famous for hunting zebra and its guessed that ghourtan region has been one of his hunting grounds, also its guessed that this region have had a lot of zebras.
  • Some other people believe that Ghourtan means armory and believe that this region has been used for keeping weapons.
  • Ghourtan Citadel:

  • Ghourtan citadel is a huge citadel that its dating back to 1000 years ago.The citadel area is about 5 hectares and used materials for building this citadel fits with the region climate.This citadel is completely made of clay.
  • The northern wall length is about 250meters and the eastern wall length is about 180 meters.There are 14 watch towers inside the citadel that the distance between these towers is about 54 meters.The wall width at foot is about 3 -4 meters. There are two big gates in the citadel which one of them is located in northern part and another one is located in southern part of citadel.
  • Building Inside The Citadel:

  • Maybe you wonder if you know there are 3 beautiful mosques ,1 bathroom,2 small citadels and an old mall inside the citadel.According to the village people there has been guest houses,mills and other ancient buildings inside the citadel,but unfortunately nowadays they are all destroyed.
  • Shabestan Mosque:

  • This mosque has a specific architecture and is different from other parts of citadel.In addition this building is one of the most seeing parts of citadel.
  • Bala Mosque:

  • This mosque architecture dating backs to 1400 years ago.There are 2 altras in this mosque that one of them is older.
  • Ebrhim Mosque:

  • This mosque has been built about 360 years ago.History of this mosque architecture backs to Safavid era.This building is located in northeastern part of citadel.
  • Citadel Mall:

  • There has been a big mall in the centeral part of citadel which has been made of two different regions.Carpenters and guest houses have been located in the first region and other business men worked in second region.
  • Citadel Bathroom:

  • Citadel bathroom is in the western part of citadel.water tank of this bathroom has been warmed up with firewood.This bathroom repaired after Islamic republic of Iran.
  • Navab Citadel:

  • One of the citadels in historic region of ghourtan is Navab citadel.This citadel is older than Ghourtan citadel.This place is the most famous one compared to other historic citadels in Ghourtan region.
  • Pigeon House:

  • There is a huge and specific pigeon house in the northwest of Ghourtan citadel.This pigeon house is a masterpiece in architecture art. You can see 12 siloes from the exterior aspect which their height is about 15 meter and This pigeon house length is about 12 meter.
  • Mourning For Imam Housein:

  • Mourning for Imam Hossein is dating back to dyalameh era and this religious ceremony takes place  each year all over Iran.
  • This ceremony takes place in historic citadel of ghourtan in specific and traditional way. People of this region use sth which is called (NAKHL) for taking place their religious ceremony.After ceremony finished they put NAKHL in an old building (this building is located in the ghourtan citadel and its archtecure is dating back to safavid era).This building height is about 6 meter.This religious ceremony is called (ZAR KHAK)
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