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Camping Desert Tour
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On this tour you will:

  • Go to camping place about 2 hour before sunset to do sandboarding and watching sunset
    Have very delicious dinner (BBQ or Vegetarian food) and fire tea in desert.
  • Transportation to and from the desert is included.
  • Tent and sleeping equipment ( enough blanket,matress and pillow)will be provided for your comfort.
  • We’ll make a fireplace where we share our stories and experiences while drinking tea.
  • Stargaze and watch Milky Way.
  • Wake up at the sunrise, if you wish to.
  • Have delicious breakfast, you could serve it in the Guesthouse, or in Camping site.            

Practical information:

Duration: we start this tour about 2 hour before sunset and finishes until after sunrise. You can always extend 1 hour or so.


warm clothes, sandals as you walk on the sands, camera, a pair of socks.


  • 30 Euro for one person
  • 25 euro per person when you are more than to person
When there are more than two people joining the tour, it will be cheaper.

 Camping in the desert:

  • One of the Best tour that we have is camp in desert tour which has its own special fans in the spring and fall for its fine weather.The stars This exactly what bring you here about spending a night looking at stars (even milky way)in the silence of a desert. This tour usually starts 2 or 3 hours before sunset and it is the beginning of happy moments. When we arrive there, Before the sun sends it to the moon, you can enjoy walking , sandboarding and watching sunset on sands  and get ready for night. The place has been selected is natural and untouched place and because there is no light pollution you can see stars and clear sky without any telescope or field-glass and stars can be easily seen with naked eye and even you will be able to see milky way. after sunset we set the tent and while you are drinking tea and sitting around fire We provide special meal for you like chicken but if you are vegetarian, we have special options like: kashk v badenjan that are very delicious.we provide all the necessary camping gear like tent ,blanket, mattress and… Finally, Tour will end tomorrow morning, 1 or 2 hours after sunrise, we take you back to the guest house and you can take shower and rest if you want.
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