ASIAB SHOTOR (mill with using camel)

Bread was main and basic food of Iranian people and it has great special rate in Iranian culture and includes wheat bread, corn bread and beer bread.

This caused that there were a lot of mills in villages and some cities which include water mills, mill with using camel, wind mills and in some areas with dry climate like VARZANEH, people use more mills with camel.

Also, the ZAYANDEHRUD caused there were any kind of water mills. In ASIAB SHOTOR, a camel turns around an axis which connects to a wooden gearbox (the wood used is jujube plant) and this axis causes rotating a big millstone. With every single turn of camel around millstone axis, it causes rotate 36 times and causes producing of wheat flour. This camel does this work for 6 hours in each day and provides about 300 Kg wheat flour. Also, first time when they want to train the camel for working, the camel owner starts to sing some attractive local songs and this act causes the camel get used to the voice of his owner. This kind of mill, that is 300 years old date, is revived by Mr.Mohammadi and located out of city (VARZANEH) and has about 10 minutes from HAFEZ guest house by walking.

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