Welcome To Hafez Varzaneh Traditional Guest House

Hafez guest house is a traditional house which rebuild as a varzaneh traditional guest house recently.The history of this house return to the Pahlavi age that was made in the old and historical part of city.The structure of this house had made by bricks and mud which produced from farm around it. Hafez is one of the biggest and most famous poets in Iran who lived in 7th century Hijri. we purpose of Hafez guest house is to get a comfortable and relaxed environment that tourists like to be their home.A big yard with azure pool in the center of house and seats around it provide a relaxed place for tourists to get rest or have conversation.A series of room that each one has separate toilet and bathroom with a small public kitchen are another parts of guest house.Also, all of foods is made for you is homemade and with the best local materials .Hafez guest house present very varied and different tours for you to discover natural and cultural beauties of city deeply and also have best time in your vacation.

there are several reason that make Hafez guest house the best choice for your vacation:

  •  proximity to the sand hills.
  • hafez guest house run by a group of  friendly and young people with a peaceful and pleasant environment.
  • Hafez Guesthouse provide high-quality accommodation service to  Guests who come from all over the world.
  • with qualified and friendly staff and high level of comfort , we make you sure you will have memorable of staying at the Hafez guest house.
  • you can try our local and homemade dish in the Guesthouse.
  • free WiFi and breakfast
  • we organize different kind of unforgettable Tours to have experience of camping in  the desert,watching fabulous sunset in the sand hills and visiting 1000 year old mud-brick Citadel.
  • we have pick up service from every where you are in iran .
  • easy access to the desert and other gravities.

We provide the following Tour in Varzaneh Traditional Guest House:


Varzaneh is a small city with an old history and culture and also is full of monuments and natural attractions and it is located 105 KM from Isfahan. There is no effect of car traffic or overcrowded cities with stress or disease, instead of them you can see intimate atmosphere and warm behavior of people by walking through the streets and alleys of the city. Also, you can see special local woman’s cover and their wearing that is white “Chador” (in the contrary of the hole part of the country dress that wearing black Chador) and it makes city more attractive and beautiful.The people of Varzaneh are very warm-blooded and polite so you can communicate with them easily and learn about the culture, location, historical places or religious customs like Ashura day.You can visit historical places of city by just a few minute walking like 800 years old central mosque, 400 years old pigeon tower and old bridge of the city with over 300 years age which is the last bridge on the “Zayanderud” river.But the most attractive part of traveling to the Varzaneh is visiting the beautiful and magical desert that is near to the city. Easy access to the desert causes walking on the sands and seeing the unique sunset being enjoyable for you. Sky full of stars in the night of sand heels of Varzaneh attracts every tourist and persuade him to stay and camp there.There are a lot of historical and natural remnants around the city that can sate any taste, for example: Khargushi caravanserai, Gavkhoni wetland, black mountain, Camel mill, Ox-well, Ghoortan Citadel and salt lake.There are some reasons that persuade tourists, who travel to Iran, to put the name of Varzaneh in the one of their destinations in Iran and now we want to mention some of them for you:The first is easy access and easy ways to Varzaneh through the Isfahan and Yazd by buses or taxis, the second is being near to the historical and natural remnants and easy availability to them, third is possibility to camping and staying the in wonderful desert at night or Khargushi caravanserai, the next reason is mountaineering and visiting beautiful view of Gavkhuni wetland from above of black mountain, and visiting 1000 years old Ghortan Citadel and 400 years old Khargushi tower, And the final reason that is mentioned here is the rich and old city culture and behavior of people(maybe you interested in their special language!)
There are more and more reasons I can’t write here and you can’t miss the chance of visiting this beautiful city.
(Don’t let the opportunity slip!!)

      we were 4 friends and stayed there for 3 nights and 2days. we really loved the environment in here in the hafez guest house. we have met other travelers around... read more


      We stayed 2 days/nights at Hafez guest house
    It was a very beautiful stay in Varzaneh
    Room are clean and breakfast/dinner is very delicious 🙂
    We went visiting the... read more


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